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MIF 2.0 Education Programs

Teach for India (TFI)

Teach For India (TFI), under its Fellowship Project, works to create a movement of leaders across sectors who are committed to and will work toward ensuring that every child in India attains an excellent education. Under this project, it works towards providing students from low income communities with high quality education and support by recruiting outstanding college graduates and professionals as “Fellows” who dedicate two years of their lives teaching in low income schools.

The Education Alliance

The Education Alliance works in partnership with governments and NGOs to create exemplary government schools where economically underprivileged children get access to free and high quality education through Government-Partnership Schools (G-PS).


Saarthi Education is engaged in impacting early childhood (3-8 year old children) at home education in low-income communities. It supports the mother-child interactive learning process by providing activity-based innovative resources as well as step-by-step guidance through online and offline channels to the primary caregiver. The Saarthi sahyogis (community based woman Relationship Manager) are trained to provide on-ground support and closely monitor the program’s impact.

Angelique Foundation

Angelique Foundation, through its ‘Pustakalaya’ initiative, is aiming to set up libraries in SDMC and NDMC primary schools. The aim is to set up functional happy libraries with relevant books that match the literacy levels of the students. The library's rooms are given a fresh coat of paint, given all new furniture and new books are specially curated and selected from a range of publishers.

Foster and Forge Foundation (F&F)

Foster and Forge Foundation (F&F) is engaged in building a movement of teacher leaders and encouraging them to practice innovative teaching methods to provide meaningful education and help children build life- skills and solve real-life civic issues across.

Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS)

PYDS provides high quality education and holistic care to underprivileged children of the rural/backward areas of Uttarakhand. They are provided with holistic care and education, including life skills and value systems with a combination of high-quality academics, adequate nutrition, health care, and full exposure to co-curricular activities at virtually no cost to the children’s families.

Aasraa Trust

Aasraa Trust is a registered trust, committed to the cause of under-served children. It has been working with out-of-school street and slum children in Dehradun since 2009. Aasraa is Government approved NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) centre. The ‘NIOS-OBE’ (Open Basic Education) program supports out of school children from local rag picking, begging, slum and riverbed communities.

The John Martyn Memorial Trust (JMMT)

The John Martyn School has been giving quality primary education to children of economically weaker sections of society in Salan Gaon and 15 surrounding villages since 1985. The school also provides employment to the local community to enhance their family income..

Shoshit Seva Sangh (SSS)

Shoshit Seva Sangh (SSS), under its project, runs a fully free residential school at Patna for the poorest of the poor, the children of the musahar community of Bihar to make available to them quality education.

White Lotus Charitable Trust (WLCT)

White Lotus Charitable Trust (WLCT) is engaged in Social Development for underprivileged sectors through the Girl’s Blossom Bus (GBB) program under which it provides transport to schools for rural girls from poor families that are either not enrolled in school or only attend irregularly in Haryana and Rajasthan high schools. Further, the Education Quality Addition (EQU+) program at select centres aimed at uplifting ‘out-of-school’ children by getting them enrolled in government schools.


RASTA is engaged in Integrated Community Development of under-privileged children especially Girl Children, since 1994 in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Under its ‘Badhthe Kadam’ Project, Rasta continues to work towards educating underprivileged girl children in RASTA School & Learning Centre at Khora Colony, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh areas.

iPartner India

iPartner through Samarpan Foundation provides children from displaced and migrant communities in Delhi’s Kishangarh village access to quality education, nutrition and health care in a safe environments

The other program Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan is a seven to seven program comprising pre-primary + grade 1 to 8 in Achrol, Jaipur for children of poor farmers and laborers. It factors in education including extracurricular activities and English conversational classes.

Rittana Childrens Foundation (RCF)

The Blossoming Child project aims at supporting the lives of Underprivileged children of migrant workers, daily wage workers and children from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalized communities. The ongoing programs include Education (Functional literacy and Montessori education), Health care (health, hygiene and sanitation) and Nutritional programs.

CanKids KidsCan Education

CanKids, under its Education Program, works to keep the children learning during treatment and to get them back to school once they are well again across the country. CanKids under Scholarships and Merit Scholarships provided support of Rs. 5000/ 6,500/ 7500 Primary, Middle, Senior in the form of reimbursement for their school’s fees school fees, books, stationary, uniform & transport for furtherance of their school studies.

Simple Education Foundation

Simple Education Foundation works to transform teaching and learning practices inside government schools in urban areas of India. In Delhi in collaboration with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), SEF aims to improve student learning outcomes in the partner schools, develop teacher capacity by regular support to the teachers ,develop principal capacity by giving leadership support to the principal and improve parent engagement in the school and parent investment in their child’s life and future

Kshamtalaya Foundation

Kshamtalaya Foundation is a for purpose non-profit company founded with a vision to support Primary and Secondary School children in disadvantaged and rural settings so that they achieve their true potential and develop into socially and economically active young adults. Under its Whole School Transformation Project. Kshamtalaya works to develops centers of excellence for holistic learning of children in East Delhi areas in partnership with Primary Municipal Government Schools.

Alohomora Education Foundation

Alohomora Education Foundation under its CareerShala Project works to enable students and youth to make the right career decisions based on their natural aptitudes and interests in Delhi and Gurgaon. This project will be for students who have been supported by Teach for India till grade 10th and will be with supported in grade 11 and 12.

Madhi Foundation

Madhi Foundation, under its Edukit project, works to leverage technology to improve curricular transaction, coaching and collaboration towards improving Foundational Learning in 10 schools across Tamil Nadu.

Through its Sandbox Schools pilot initiative, Madhi Foundation aims to work with a few model schools across Chennai and Tiruvannamalai districts in Tamil Nadu, where the latest foundational learning pedagogy will be tested out in a controlled sandbox environment before being set up for scale.


Saajha, under its Systemic reforms in partnership with Delhi Government Project works to create systemic capabilities for improving school governance in Delhi.

Routes 2 Roots (Virsa)

Routes 2 Roots under its VIRSA project aims to improve the educational and cultural learning in the low income schools in the state of Punjab by enabling/installing one smart classroom in each of the chosen schools and providing live interactive/archived cultural and allied content throughout the year as per schedule and curriculum prepared by Routes 2 Roots.

Raphael Ryder Cheshire International Centre

Raphael Centre works to alleviate suffering of children in the areas of Intellectual Disability, Tuberculosis and Lifelong care. Their Special Education (SE) aims to generate awareness, through advocacy, about Persons with Disability (PwD); identify and assess children and young adults with intellectual & other developmental disabilities; educate & train children with disabilities to realize their potential and facilitate their rehabilitation in the family and community.